I’ve not had a TV for 11 years and things have moved on a lot in that time! I’ve never had a TV in my current home so I didn’t really know the requirements for when I got a new TV. What I did know though was that the old aerial in the loft wasn’t doing its job.


Steve came over and tested my old aerial and quickly diagnosed the problems. He installed a new aerial, which was able to pick up lots more channels than the very old one left in the house when I moved in. He also fitted a much better quality cable from the wall to the TV.


Despite not seeing my TV before, he even set up the extra channels on the TV that could now be received by the new aerial.


The whole job was done in an hour and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Worth every penny to have a profesional very quickly find the problems and fix them in a professional and experienced manner.


Highly recommended.

5* Facebook Review