TV Aerials

“Digital” TV Aerials

At Bridgwater Aerials, we are often asked by customers if we can fit a “digital” TV aerial for them, so they can receive Freeview services.

Since all TV reception through an aerial is now digital, every aerial we install is a “digital” aerial. In fact, we have been using “digital” aerials as standard since long before the digital switch-over was completed in 2012.


Modern TV aerials are now benchmarked, meaning they are graded as to the level of digital signal they can receive.

At Bridgwater Aerials we only use the highest quality of aerials, ensuring you receive the best signal possible.

4G Interference

Mini-Log Aerial @ Factory in WSM
Fig. 1

Photo in Fig. 1 shows a  discrete mini log 4G filtered aerial.

Modern 4G mobile phone technologies can now operate at frequencies that could cause interference with TV signals.

If you live near a mobile phone mast it is possible that interference may occur with your TV reception.

Old amplifiers/boosters will be affected by this interference at varying degrees depending on distance from such  mast.

4G filters can be fitted to such amplifiers to help/eliminate the problem.

All new TV amplifier/boosters are now 4G filtered.

At Bridgwater Aerials all the TV aerials used are filtered for 4G interference & matched to the new TV signals used today.

Fig. 2

Fig 2 shows a typical RX12T aerial installation being the most common standard aerial we use.

Fig 3 (Televes 1121)
Fig. 3

Fig 3 shows a typical aerial installation on a block of flats with a Televes 1121T aerial.  This aerial is matched to the transmitter as well as being 4G filtered.

This photo (fig 4) shows the latest technology in TV/radio aerials- Televes Digi-Nova. It covers the UHF TV band as well as DAB & FM radio.  It is has an inbuilt amplifier & is 4G filtered.

Standard mini log aerial fitted to a small mast onto a mobile home