Satellite TV services in the UK are primarily received from either Sky or Freesat.

To receive these services, a satellite dish is required that can be fitted in a position providing clear line-of-sight in a south-easterly direction.

A larger than normal Sky dish installation- all equipment supplied by customer. We had to do the hard job of fitting it to the client’s directions.

A standard Sky dish installation discretely fitted to the back of an office block so it cannot be seen from the front of the building.

Specialised Installations

Bridgwater Aerials are specialists in ‘discrete’ satellite installations, and will work with you to determine the best position possible for your dish.

Tarnock Farm, Dish & Octo LNB Install Tarnock Farm, Dish & Octo LNB Install

We can perform installations in positions that standard Sky engineers would not be able to do.

If you believe that you may require a specialised installation that Sky cannot provide, contact us first to arrange installation of the dish and cabling, and once your custom installation is complete, you can then contact Sky to arrange installation of your box and viewing card to receive Sky services.


Freesat is a service providing access to over 200 TV/Radio services through the same signals as Sky, but with no subscription or viewing card required.

Bridgwater Aerials are able to supply and install dishes and boxes for receiving Freesat services.

Many customers choose to switch to Freesat services after they decide to cancel their Sky subscription, to allow them to continue to receive additional services not available through Freeview.

Services in Other Languages

Bridgwater Aerials have in the past supplied and installed satellite systems for receiving channels in other languages that are not broadcast from the same satellites as Sky/Freesat services.

Such installations are often sought by customers who speak another language or originate from a different country.

Any enquiries regarding this type of installation will be considered.

Sky Q

The latest system from Sky is Sky Q.

Although Sky carry out most installations themselves, Bridgwater Aerials can now offer a Sky Q dish installation with a Sky Q wideband LNB

We can now also adapt communal satellite dish (IRS) systems for Sky Q reception.