Fibre-optic distribution technology is a modern solution to the problem of how to distribute signals over large distances without loss in quality or strength. This technology is often used to feed signals from a single distribution point to multiple dwellings, making it ideal for new housing developments.

Before fibre-optic technologies were available, multiple underground coaxial cables always had to be laid to feed signals to each end-point. These cables were thick, heavy and often difficult to work with. Distance was also a limiting factor with these old-style cables. Fibre-optic distribution systems work over substantially greater distances with a much thinner armoured cable, as well as only requiring a single feed to the end-points, instead of the numerous feeds required when using the underground coax.

Pictures above are of a 60cm dish with an optical LNB fitted (left) which is then fed into the cabinet (right) via an optical cable. Inside the cabinet, the cable is then terminated into an optical splitter & an IRS gateway unit which converts the signals back to normal format to be fed into a standard multi-switch.