Bridgwater Aerials are experts in designing, installing and maintaining high-quality commercial systems to suit your needs. We are one of the few local companies that can use & set up the Televes Avant amplifiers. These units are capable of being programmed to amplify individual TV channels (MUX’s) as to provide only the signals that are required & reject unwanted signals. ( signals from other TV transmitters, eg Wales etc)

System Upgrade @ Rectory Road

We will work together with you and our experienced suppliers to create a bespoke system tailored to your specific requirements.

We work with everything ranging from a simple system providing Digital Terrestrial TV signals to multiple points, up to the most complex IRS (Integrated Reception System) projects, providing Digital Terrestrial TV, FM Radio, DAB Radio and Sky TV to multiple points, often providing all these services through a single cable.

We have strong working relationships with many different builders, electricians and architects throughout Somerset and the surrounding counties.

Seen above is a typical TV & satellite installation feeding multiple dwellings with terrestrial digital television, Sky, Sky +, Sky Q & Freesat.



A more complex installation on a block of flats for a local authority with a Digi Nova (TV/FM/DAB) with two dishes; one for SKY, Sky + & Freesat; the lower, larger dish on Eutelsat for Polish TV.

The above photo is of an 80cm dish with a SMATV LNB feeding the new wing of a nursing home.

We worked in conjunction with the builders & roofers to hide the dish as much as possible as the building was only a single storey making it impossible to fit to any wall. In addition, the builders would not have it on any flat roof.  Therefore, we suggested mounting it through the roof which was deemed a good idea & worked perfectly.