How do I get Freeview?

To get a good Freeview reception you will need a quality terrestrial TV aerial fitted, either in the loft-space (subject to adequate signal being available) or fitted outside on a wall or chimney stack.

How do I watch TV in my bedroom?

If you wish to obtain a good terrestrial TV reception in your bedroom, an additional lead will need to be run from the existing aerial to the TV. Connection to the aerial will usually be made either with a splitter or amplifier (“booster”) depending on signal strength. If a booster has to be fitted, an electric socket will be required to power it. Boosters come in various sizes – 2-way, 4-way, 6-way, 8-way, 12-way and 16-way.

Why am I getting Welsh TV channels after retuning my Freeview box?

In most cases this problem is not a fault with the aerial. It is usually just a problem with the tuning. Most people use the “Automatic” search function of their Freeview equipment. Unfortunately, whilst searching for services, the equipment will often find the Welsh services first. Whilst most equipment can identify that multiple TV regions are available, and will allow you to choose which services you want, some equipment will simply store the first channels it finds (or sometimes the services with the strongest signal, which may still not be the ones you require, depending on your equipment / location).

When performing Freeview installations, we prefer (where possible) to use the ‘Manual’ search function to ensure only services for the correct region are stored.

How do I get a dish installed if Sky won’t/can’t do it?

We undertake many difficult dish installations that Sky can’t or won’t undertake. Just give us a call to discuss. (Please note: we cannot currently provide Sky viewing cards or boxes).

How do I get Freesat?

We can supply Freesat receivers, but we find that most customers purchase their boxes elsewhere, and then contact us to undertake the installation of the dish and then connect the box up for them. A standard Freesat installation involves the mounting of a 43cm dish with a quad LNB in an appropriate position, running a twin coaxial wiring from the dish through to the receiver and then connecting the Freesat receiver to the TV.

I don’t want to subscribe to Sky anymore – can I switch to Freesat?

Yes, this is a straightforward procedure. Once you have your new Freesat box, simply disconnect your existing Sky box and connect the Freesat box up using all the same connections. Switch on the box and follow the installation procedure (refer to the owners manual for further details on your specific Freesat box). If you have any issues, or are still unsure, contact us to come and take a look for you. Don’t forget to cancel your Sky subscription!

I have another question, can you help?

Contact us with your enquiry.